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Cipla’s HIV History

Cipla has been referred to as “India’s Robin Hood of drugs”. However, a name more befitting would be “The World’s Robin Hood of drugs” due to the far-reaching and undisputed impact that equitable access to live-saving medication has had worldwide.

In 2001, Cipla pioneered world’s first ever recommended 3-in-1 fixed dose combination (Stavudine + Lamivudine + Nevirapine) to fight AIDS. This was made available at less than $1 per day compared to over $12,000 per patient per year prevailing in most countries throughout the world.

Apart from making medication more accessible, this also helped to improve adherence by lessening the pill burden. And access to lifesaving therapy lifted the death sentence from millions across the developing world as part of its mission that “none shall be denied”.

Cipla today has the world’s widest range of antiretroviral products approved by WHO. Our antiretrovirals are supplied to more than 115 countries and various Ministries of Health worldwide, as well as international aid agencies.

Cipla has also prioritised the development of optimal child-friendly antiretroviral formulations for children living with HIV, specifically infants and young children who are at highest risk of dying without access to treatment.

Cipla aims to address the needs of every kind of HIV patient, from pregnant mothers to babies and from children to adults, so that with adherence to therapy, people with HIV can lead a near normal life.